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[EU Warehouse] KUGOO KIRIN S1 350W Electric Scooter 8 inch Tires DC Brushless Motor with 3-Speed Control, Max Speed:25km/h (Black)

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1. 8.0 inch Tires: The strong grip, wear-resisting and safe. It is suitable for different kinds of roads.
2. 3 Speed Modes: You can control the speed with the APP according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more security.
3. 350W Brushless DC Motor: Strong power and running farther: 350W Motor, Max 25KM running distance.
4. Shock Mitigation System: Front Shock Absorber with a strong - maximizes riding power absorbing stability system.
5. Safety Braking System: Revolutionary Dual brake Braking System rear Bump Brake electric Brake, the braking distance is as short as 4-5 meters, and the riding is safer.

1. Maximum Load: 100kg
2. Maximum Speed: 25km/h
3. Speed Mode: 10km/h, 20km/h, 25km/h
4. Permissible Gradient: a<=15 degree
5. Maximum Mileage: a<=25km
6. Battery Voltage: 36V
7. Battery Type: 18650 lithium
8. Battery Capacity: 6 Ah
9. Motor Type: Brushless DC motor
10. Motor Power: 36V/350W
11. Motor Rated Voltage: 36V
12. Charger Voltage: 220V, 50-60HZ
13. Charging Time: 4-6h
14. Brake Distance: 4-5m
15. Tire: 8 inches Tire
16. Product Size(L x W x H): 1080 x 420 x 1050mm (1080 x 420 x 410mm folding)
17. Product Weight: 11.9KG

Package Contents
1 x Electric Scooter
1 x Hexaga Spanner
1 x User Manual

Package Weight
One Package Weight 15.10kgs / 33.29lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 16.40kgs / 36.16lb
Carton Size 152cm * 45cm * 21cm / 59.84inch * 17.72inch * 8.27inch
Loading Container 20GP: 185 cartons * 1 pcs = 185 pcs
40HQ: 430 cartons * 1 pcs = 430 pcs